Monday, October 24, 2011

My Little Book Monster

There is new book worm in our house. I call him "My Little Book Monster." My Dad is a book worm, I am a book worm, 17 year old daughter is a book worm and now my 7 year old son is a book worm. I LOVE IT!

Last week I went to the library while my little monster was at school and picked out the following books for him to read. Actually, there is a book missing. He just had to take it to school in case there was "free time" and he could read more. It's a Dinosaur Cove book.

He read Squanto two or three times and asked that I re-check it out (7 day rental only due to holiday theme) so that his Granddad could read it because he thinks Granddad will like it alot.

He then read Spider Kane. Right now, he says Mary Pope Osborne is his favorite author because he absolutley loves the Magic Tree House series. He and I snuggle up together either on the couch or in my bed and read silently side-by-side. It's one of my most favorite times with him right now.

Yesterday (Sunday) he finished Spider Kane and couldn't wait to see the next book I had checked out for him. I try to keep them a surprise so he doesn't know what's coming. He sat down and started reading Horrible Harry at Halloween. We took a break and joined the rest of the family and did the whole social thing until bedtime. After we turn out the lights, we let him read with his flashlight for "a bit" before we tell him lights out. He often turns the light off himself after a while. Last night he came in at 8:47 (I forgot he had been reading since 8:00) and was could hardly contain his excitement... he had finished the book! Granted it wasn't long but still, 8 chapters later and the book he had started was finished in the same day.

We all fell in love with this "Spanglish" book that I happened upon. To hear DH read it outloud with his thick Spanish accent was the best and funniest thing ever! Paco read it outloud yesterday and really tried to copy his daddy. It was darling.

The illustrations are too cute and we just love the way the story ends - a new spin that is worth finding this book!

It has an extensive glossary in the back to help out the folks who aren't sure what the words mean as well as how to say them in Spanish.

It's so fun to see reading turn from hard work to pleasure in a year. I love his school teacher and know his ability has been fine tuned under her care. We are so blessed!!!

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  1. The Hubby6:26 PM

    We have created a book monster just like his mommy and grandad.


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