Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Working Girls Hotel

DH and I are staying in a former bordello tonight in Pendleton, Oregon. The Working Girls Hotel is part of the Pendleton Underground Tours and it's an amazing hotel. We're the only people staying here tonight so we have the whole place to ourselves. Here is DH in the dining room firing up his laptop for our "where to eat contest."
Here I am posing with the authentic Pendleton wool blanket (MOM, you have one just like this!!!)

DH and his new cowboy friends (the old brick walls are so cool!):

Totally fell in love with the calendar art from 1924!

So did DH...

I'll share more pictures when I can edit them better... the lighting is hard for me to work with but I can't wait to show you the coolest chairs ever! And our room - wow. We booked the suite and it is so nice.

DH won the "where to eat" contest so we're off to The Prodigal Son Brewery & Pub for a mouth watering burger! (No worries, friends...)


  1. The Hubby6:25 PM

    Such a great place and you did a great job finding the Hotel for a great experience. Love you honey.

  2. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Mom, this sounds soo good. Glad you had a good time! I love you soo much and cant wait for you to get home!!


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