Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Prodigal Son

Our "where to eat contest" has the following rules:
1.) Locally owned - NO CHAINS!
2.) A unique experience
3.) we each bring ONE place to the table and try to convince the other to eat at our pick.
4.) Haven't eaten there before.

I mentiond that DH "won" which means he convinced me to try his place and not the other way around. Mind you, I didn't try very hard to convince him so I didn't feel like a "loser."

We ate at The Prodigal Son Brewery & Pub, blocks from our hotel so we walked. It was drizzling rain but comfortable and we enjoyed window shopping with some picks to go back to tomorrow.

DH got the Pit Boss burger; which is what he saw to make him want to go here in the first place.

He feels the 30 minute way to get our food was worth it once he tasted this juicy spicy burger:

I got the Rueben and did NOT feel the wait was worth it. The bread was soggy, they didn't have regular yellow mustard (how can a pub not have yellow mustard?), A1 sauce (one of the two ways i prefer steak fries, the other is yellow mustard and ketchup mixed) nor did they have honey for my hot water, lemon & honey drink. Besides the fact that the rueben left much to be desired - and I love ruebens!

What else was wrong? I guess since we were not partaking in their beverage of choice (thus the name brewery and pub) we had to ask for water refills each of the three times we were empty. The steak fries were horrible! I ate a few and even DH had several left on his plate and agreed they were "less than desirable." (He's so much nicer than I am!!!)

I would not go back nor would I recommend it. Boo Hoo.

DH, however, might go back just for the burger.

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  1. The Hubby9:10 PM

    Agree with you my love, but, THE BURGER WAS GOOOD!


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