Thursday, May 31, 2012


I'm singing praises to Jesus today! 

~ Found the perfect dress to wear to our sons' wedding; which is coming up fast. (on sale)
~ Found the perfect shoes to go with it... on sale.
~ Got my first pair of Dansko shoes... on sale.
~ New pair of black capris that can be rolled up to bermuda short length... on sale.
~ Finally found a pair of Keen winter boots that I can afford... on sale!

~ Was able to get sons 8th birthday present locally... on sale.
~ Thinking of Mexico trip and getting more excited by the day... (leaving after sons wedding.)
~ Thankful for 10 years of wedded life on the 12th.
~ Thankful for creative boys who may need a trip to the ER before the summer is over but at least they are outside playing like boys should!
~ Thankful for oldest daughter's last summer home before college and treasuring each moment we have together.
~ Loving the weight loss I have achieved.
~ Excited to try clothes on again.
~ Will keep being thankful for each day and working on an attitude of gratitude.

~ Enjoying looking at recent major event pictures!

~ Thankful that getting a hope chest for graduation causes this much pleasure in this day and age:

 ~ Thankful that I have a daughter whom I will miss terribly when she leaves for college:

~ Thankful I have four years left with this daughter; who is entering high school this fall:

Should I tell you that I had a total melt down the night of Baccaulareate?  Let's just say, I do NOT cry pretty.  It was ugly and bad.  My moma came and found me and had to tell me to pull myself together.  Then graduate daughter came and held me and said into my ear that she was a big girl now... I told her I would try to be.  I'll stop there cause the tears have already sprug to my eyes. 

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  1. Love this post, and I love all of the pictures, Joy! Yes, you sure have a lot to be thankful are truly blessed! xo


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