Sunday, May 27, 2012

Service is...

We visited a local church today since we are out of town for a work weekend at our most favorite church camp.  We were running late and missed the beginning of worship.  The boys were fighting in the back over how to say Psalm 121 and my dear hubby and I were D-O-N-E with the bickering.  We pulled the car over to the side of the road (remember we are already late) and I waited it out for DH to deal with our dear sons.  That finished, we moved along to the church building. 

I did not know one song.  I'm a quick study, however, and was able to join in by the second verse of each song.  During the second song or so, (we were late so I don't know what they did before we arrived) I get a tap on my shoulder and imagine my surprise to see a long time friend ready to greet me!  God is so awesome to put us where he wants us to be - as long as we stop and listen.

Pastor Brian preached on Matthew 16:26ish.  Here's what I remember...
He told of an old Quaker (YAY went my heart) who was sitting in the meeting house and a gentleman came and sat down beside him.  All was quiet when the visitor leaned over and finally asked the old Quaker, "When does the service begin?"  The old Quaker replied, "When the worship is over."  In essence, service is what we do once we leave here... 

Since we're here on a service project work weekend, I just sat there thanking God for the grace He was showering on me. 

This is what service looks like to me:
 Each worker is needed and there is something for everyone to do, no matter how young or old; big or small...

From the roof tops we worked.

Yes, this is what service looks like to me:

My 1000 Gifts today is three things found in church:  1) A friend from 20 years ago, 2) New worship songs and 3) a new friend made!

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