Wednesday, June 06, 2012


I've told you how I am taking the Joy Dare by Ann Voskamp and how I am being so blessed by her blog A Holy Experience.  Some things that are coming from reading 1,000 Gifts is finding the beautiful in the ugly...

Which makes me think long and hard at what my daily life seems consumed by right now:

Laundry - and lots of it.  It's never ending and it's one of my one most detested chores.  Actually, I don't mind sorting and throwing it in the washer and even moving it to the dryer.  It's the folding and putting away I detest.  That's not very joyful or thankful or grateful...

Today's Joy Dare are Three Gifts Ugly-Beautiful...

1. Loads and loads of dirty clothes = Active and healthy boys! 

2. Trashed bedrooms = time spent playing

I put daughter to work sorting garbage from keepers in the boys' bedroom and playroom! 

Which reminds us what color the carpet really is in the playroom!

Allowing for some Bible time!

and the third ugly-beautiful gift is... never ending pooper-scooper chore = a best friend, Zorro.

Today I began my 5th Beth Moore study, David.

Here I am, seeking a heart like His!  All of my heart, in whatever shape it is in, is diving into this study.  Come on, Lord Jesus!  Let's do it!

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