Wednesday, June 20, 2012

High Tide

We walked to the beach near our casa yesterday evening.  While it was more than 100 steps as described, it wasn't far at all.  There were several locals there cooling off and the kids wasted no time in getting in.  I am so glad the boys got in after we had watched several documentaries on dangerous animals and shark shows!

 I couldn't resist taking a picture of this man wearing a.... shirt?
 Yours truly had the bright idea to walk with her Moma to Bucerias along the beach and have the rest of the family would meet us at el centro.
 The sunset was just beginning and it was so pretty!
We ran up to the casa and got our two-way radios and were on our way in nothing flat.

Around the first point we ran into our first high tide.  Some gentlemen were kind enough to let us through their resort so we could continue on our way... if only they had turned us away then.

The next high tide area soon followed and Moma and I braved the high tides and were at the next stretch of dry beach.  We waved and hooped to the resort fellas and were on our way.

To the next high tide stop... we decided we could brave this one, too.  If only my Moma could have taken a picture of me with my long skirt tucked into my swim bottoms as we fought the tides and slick rocks.

This continued along our peaceful walk to Bucerias.  Praying to ourselves and out loud, we made it to more dry sand after a very long stretch of beating against the rocks.  Oh, my Moma doesn't like to swim, doesn't care for being in the ocean and isn't at all that brave...

All of the resorts and homes were vacant.  Not a light one was shining.

We came across two love birds and asked them how much longer to Bucerias?  Good thing I can speak a little Spanish!  She said 30 more minutes!!!!!

That was way too long and we told her so.  She pointed us up the street, our first exit point, where we could catch a bus at the highway.

Calling the guys on our two-ways every 10 seconds in the DARK up hill with jungle on one side and vacant homes on the other with not one street lamp to light the way, we BOOKED it up that hill so fast!  We would get a slight signal from our guys only to lose them again.  When we would get them, all they wanted to know was "where are you?"  We had NO idea. 

Once they highway came in to view, I felt much better.  I could finally tell them where we were, if only they were within range.  Once they were, they found us within 3 minutes.  They were so glad to see us and us them. 

Once of the miracle stories from that adventure was while we were walking the mile up the hill from the beach.  3 ferocious dogs were barking and coming out at us.  I said out loud, "Lord, You closed the mouths of lions and kept Jonah safe in the belly of whale, for crying out loud!  Please shut the mouths of these yapping Mexican dogs and keep us safe from harm!"  As we approached the dogs, they all became silent, watched us pass and then turned and went back into their yard.  It was a "THANK YOU, JESUS!" moment and we did so right then and there!

We kept our hot-line to heaven open and busy during our whole experience.  Little did we know that God would protect us when we didn't even know we needed protection...

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