Friday, June 22, 2012

San Sebastian Coffee!

I told you recently how much I missed my Mexico coffee from the Siera Madres in San Sebastian, Jalisco, Mexico.

Yesterday, we made the trip back to my most favorite coffee plantation, okay, the only coffee plantation I have ever been to.  It's still my favorite!

I was not disappointed.  We toured the grounds, stayed to our designated places since it is an organic farm and loved seeing everything in person.

From limones on the trees:

 To dulce (sweets) made on site:
 200 year old scales that are still used to measure kilos:

 Here are the dulce customers:
 And yours truly posing with 1/2 kilo of coffee.  The rest had to be boxed up and hauled out to the car.  I don't want to say how much I bought our of fear you think I have a problem...

I'm glad I'll be drinking my cafe for months to come.  I figure as fresh as these beans are (yesterday) I can use them for a few months and have them still be fresher than some I get at home!

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