Saturday, September 01, 2012

Next Olympics in Brazil

It has come to my attention that my post yesterday may have been too long... some of you didn't make it through the whole post!!!  Yikes!  I will be more careful next time.

I encourage you to go back and read the final portion of my post.  Please. 

2012 Olympics are over and the news reportings are fading.  It always surprises me how one can be an olympic medalist but within a few weeks we hardly hear of them again until the next olympic event.  Yes, there are exceptions, but for me, this tends to be true. 

I am already hearing about the 2014 Olympics in Brazil.  What I am hearing is not good.  Not good at all.  Children are in danger!  More tourism = more child exploitation.  You can find many articles and videos yourself. 

The bottom line is, WE can make a difference!  We may not be able to save every single child this month, but we can save one.  To me, saving one child from being a sex slave is worth it.  Prevention is key!  Currently, 38,000 children are being sponsored in Brazil and they are seeing that the program works!  Right now, there are 95 children in Brazil who need a sponsor and YOU could make a life saving impact on one of them today.  Before you stop reading, would you please take one minute and look at them? 

See who they are:
Gustavo turns 8 this month.  What an awesome birthday present
for him to have you as his sponsor after 213 days of waiting! 
Now is his time!  Now is your time!

It's Leticia's birthday month, too!  She will be 8 as well.
She's been waiting 184 days just for YOU to make
a difference in both your lives.

I know I can't save every child.  I know I can't sponsor every child.  Together, we can make a difference!  Together, we can save lives.  Together, we can change the story, one child at a time.  Join me.  Using the links in my post, please, give up 9 fancy coffee drinks/month.  (You may not drink that many yourself but I am never alone when I get coffee and I buy for who is with me...) 

What is your "indulgance?"  What do you spend money on that you could do without?  If money is the issue, look again.  We did.  We "found" more money to sponsor another child.  It was there all along, God just brought the source to our eyes and heart.  Ask the Lord what He would have you give up in order to give someone life.  He will answer - He answered me.

Let's make it a real HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Gustavo and Leticia this September!  Let's get them sponsors!!!

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