Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Pray for Them!

I have a simple request for you today.  Would you take a few moments and go here and pray for the children you see?  Pray that they would be sponsored.  Pray for their protection and that they may come to know Jesus.  If, while praying for them, you feel led, ask God to reveal to you if you could become a sponsor this month.  Most of all, today, please just pray for the children you see
I've told you my goals for this month last Tuesday and now, I have my first assignment.  Excitement still abounds and I can't wait to see God move on behalf of His children!
Melky, Vanessa, Jerald & Adwoa need God's protection over them.  Thank you for praying for them! 
One more thing, will you please comment if you visit this page so I know that together we are praying for their lives to be impacted this month? 

Thank you and Blessings upon you this first Tuesday of September!


  1. The Hubby9:01 AM

    Great post, visited the compassiin aite snd saw children from all over the world. Hard to imagine that me and my kids live so differently just because of where we were born. Thesr kids didn't have a choice. Praying for these compassion children today.

  2. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Praying for these children. Breaks my heart to see so many kids in need of help.


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