Monday, October 01, 2012

3,159 Lives Changed!

Short and sweet today...

3,159 children were sponsored during the month of September of which yours truly was a small part of.  This is the most children ever sponsored in one month's time - ever!

For praying.
For seeking.
For asking.
For referring.
For giving.

Tears of joy and humility prohibit me from putting into words what it is on the inside.  When I heard this final number last night, after walking 4 miles and praying that our goal of 3,108 children would be sponsored, I could not stop the flow of tears.  My dear husband reached over, clasped my hand and together, we gave thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

This song was playing on the radio and it was perfect.  As you listen, please think of me just getting the tweet that we had reached our goal and the month I have spent blogging, tweeting, pinning, facebooking, speaking and PRAYING for this to happen - had.  Tears flowed.

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