Thursday, September 27, 2012

No Time Like the Present

For the past month I have wrote about sponsoring children with Compassion International.  As the month comes to an end, we need 534 more sponsors to meet the grand goal of 3,108 children sponsored!  That means 2,574 children have been sponsored so far this month!  Praise Jesus!!!

So, I am going to end this month with this:

Has God been tugging, gnawing, pulling on your heart; even giving you the thought of sponsoring a child for $38 a month? 

If He has and you are ready to answer that call, please click HERE and it is very easy to find a child perfect for you.

Several months ago, I prayed this song and my life has been on a steady course change since.  Be careful if you pray, "break my heart for what breaks Yours."  You may never be the same again, either.  Praise the Lord if it is anything like my journey.

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