Thursday, October 04, 2012

Caldo de pollo

We're seeing how much money we can save this month on our food/grocery bill so soups are on the menu!  Last week, I made Locro de papas, a recipe from Ecuador and we ate it Wed, Thu & Sat nights.  Friday my parents had us over for delicious ham & beans.  This week we are having a simple caldo.  Caldo, in my experience, can be made with whichever meat you want so the title would be "caldo de pollo" if using chicken, "caldo de rez" if using beef.  One major difference in this soup is whole pieces of chicken are used; i.e. "bone-in."  Here is what I used and my costs:

In my 24 QUART stock pot (yes, it is HUGE) I added:

~ 5 lbs of "whole" chicken quarters (the thigh and leg are still connected).  Cost: $2.50
~ 5 lbs potatoes quartered (organic) Cost: $2.50
~ 2 lbs carrots chopped large (organic) $1.25
1 bunch celery, chopped large (organic) Cost: $.25
2 whole onions, chopped Cost: Free from gleaning onion field near-by.
2 orange tomatoes, chopped large Cost: Free garden produce, donated plants so time only
Filled pot with water
Added dash of salt, some black pepper and 3 cloves garlic

Total cost: $6.50
Fed ~ 35-40 people; which makes the cost per person: 35 people = $.19/person and 40 people = .16/person. 

An option for those who don't want to eat it every day for a week would be to freeze it for future meals "on-the-go."  We are eating it often for specific purposes I will share with you later.

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  1. the hubby11:04 AM

    This meal was just fantastic. I grow up having else like this on a regular basis. Add a few tortillas, some chile and you're good to go.


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