Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gift Giving Revisited

Another Black Friday has come and gone and I wonder, will the gifts purchased yesterday make any difference a year from now?  Come next Christmas, will they even remember what they got?  Will you? 

We live in an instant gratification society but there are still people who need their daily needs met!  Talk about a gift that makes a difference. 

If you are ready to change up your gift giving, check out my two favorite places to give where I know it will indeed, make a difference a year from now. 

Personally, I know many of the people who are in the field ministering and the people in the home office at EFM.  In fact, I knew not only the past Executive Director but I know the current one; as well!  I can't even put into words the love and respect I have for Dan and Tami.  So, if you need the personal assurance that your money is going to the field, I put my money where my mouth is.  Some of the folks on my list are getting a gift from EFM.  Another plus for me is I am supporting Friends all around the world and I love being a part of something bigger!  I love how easy it is to pick up the phone and speak to a real person at 1-888-421-8102.  They can walk you through the whole process and send out a card on your behalf for the recipient!  LOVE IT!  Please, order by Dec. 3rd if you want the card delivered by Christmas.

The only thing on my Dad's Christmas Wish List is a goat.  $35 for a gift that keeps on giving and truly changes a family's life sure beats what I experienced yesterday.  $5 for a blanket or jacket that will make a HUGE difference in the mountains of Nepal. 

Compassion International is my other "go-to" place for gift giving.  At the click of a button, I can have everything done and print my own card to give.  Since you print out the card yourself at home, you can procrastinate a bit longer than with EFM.  You can check out their financial integrity here but what I need to know, I learned when my parents went to Peru and Bolivia last year and visited some Compassion schools (in Friends churches to boot!) and they saw first hand the local church ministering and partnering with Compassion.  They ate the same food, drank the same water and used the same toilets.  I believe my parents when they tell me it's legit. 

I can't finish this post until I tell you how much more blessed my family is because we sponsor a Compassion child.  To partner with Compassion and be part of a young child's life and pray for them daily, well, there are no adequate feelings to put into words. 

If you feel you aren't able to financially sponsor a child, check into being a prayer partner and praying daily for specific children and needs. 

 I was reminded yesterday how $5 doesn't go very far here but $4 through Compassion will protect a child from parasites!

Kenya suffers from a crippling cycle of extreme drought that leaves children severely malnourished and struggling to survive. Compassion works to stay ahead of this crisis by teaching families about improved farming methods. For a mere $10, you can help provide garden seeds which will be planted at the homes of Compassion-assisted children, where Compassion workers will help with sowing and harvesting.

Let's make a difference and do something different!  Even if you just substitute one small gift for one of life changing value, let's start changing our tree, our Christmas tree, that is. 

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