Tuesday, December 11, 2012

True Giving Lives

Giving comes in many forms.  One of the most precious, sincere and meaningful forms I see come in the body of the man on the right in the picture.

He shows my daily what the hands and feet of Jesus look like today. 

Hands that work hard.  Love hard.  Prayer harder yet.

Feet that walk sure in the Lord; leading the way through this world of distractions.

Hands and feet that give daily no matter what the month is. 

He doesn't need a sermon on giving or a blog post from his daughter to give.  He always gives.  Every single day. 

For Christmas, all he wants is a goat from EFM or a water for life filter.

His parents were givers.  They lived their lives as simple and generous as they could and that stuck with my Daddy. 

I can just sit here and think of how blessed I am that God gave me my family and my Daddy and the tears just pool up and spill over before I know it. 

This Godly man has invested more hours than we could ever calculate in the lives of so many people.  He always gives.  Always. 

He supports, encourages, prays and helps his grandsons read their Bibles. 

I don't want my "already on its last leg laptop" to short out from my tears so I'll end with,
#itsaboutgiving is lived out and through my Daddy.  Talk about a legacy... the only kind of inheritance I care about having is already mine!

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