Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When Giving Means Taking

Sometimes giving means taking...

a different approach for a "gift exchange" and bringing in a gift for Salvation Army instead.

Or maybe it's taking a night off from the comfortable bed down the hall and sleeping on a not-so-comfortable mattress in front of the Christmas tree with your 5 year old son who thinks this is so awesome!

It could be just taking a nap with little brother who has missed his big sister for the past four months that she's been away for college.

Giving is also taking a break from fighting long enough to sit and read together - on your own.

Giving is taking turkeys in for the local shelter and helping TAKE the number from 478
 to 0!

Giving is taking some change from your pocket and putting it in the red cans to benefit Salvation Army.

Giving is the taking the time to stop and evaluate the value of your dollar and what it could really do this Christmas.

Giving is taking a different approach

Taking isn't always bad.  Taking is often the act of giving; at least it is for me.


  1. All wonderful ideas!

  2. The Hubby5:38 PM

    Thanks for helping me have a different view of what true giving is really all about. You have challenged me to think outside the chimney of santa clause and to think and act more like Jesus.
    You are amazing and an inspiration to me. Thanks for helping me truly see how far Chistmas giving can really reach the world. We can each make a difference, one person at a time and one dollar at a time.


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