Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Drum Roll Please!

Introducing my new role with Compassion International:


In addition to being a sponsor and blogger, I have recently gone through the application and interview process and am now an Advocate for Compassion.  WHOO HOO!

Here is a short summary of our family's journey: Change the Story.

Did you know you can sponsor a child by searching for specific things like:
     ~ Location
     ~ Age
     ~ Name
     ~ Special Needs
     ~ Areas vulnerable to human trafficking
     ~ HIV infected areas
     ~ Children who have waited the longest to have a sponsor

I never knew until I met Roosbell how much I meant to him.  Being his sponsor connects us on many levels.  Through Compassion he is provided nutrition, education, shelter needs, clothing needs, medical needs and spiritual needs.  Through all of those needs is the connection with me.  He associates ME with meeting his needs, not an organization.  It is very personal.  It is a relationship between the child and the sponsor that amazes me.

I don't know if I'll ever see him again but I dream of it.  I dream of introducing my husband to him.  I dream of meeting his mum.  I dream of seeing his home, his church, his neighborhood. 

You don't have to meet your child to have a relationship.  Writing letters isn't just checking a box.  It's a way to connect and communicate with a person in a way that perhaps wouldn't happen face-to-face.  There is safety in writing and I have found I am more willing to share my hardships and joys on paper than I would in person.  Writing is HUGE!  It is a life-changing event in their lives to get your letters. 

Stating you love them.  You care for them.  You pray for them.  Words of encouragement; of hope; of love.  I saw college age leadership students CRY over the relationship they have with their sponsor and how much that person meant to them and only one of the five students had ever met their sponsor.

We are changing the story in Roosbell's life.  Sky has Mirian, Paco has Hamlet and Javi has Javier.  Four children whose lives are being changed because Compassion opens the door of opportunity to release a child from poverty in Jesus name. 

I am being challenged to get two children sponsored in the next month (by April 21st).  Will you pray and see if this is something you can do?

Change a story.  You won't be sorry.



  1. The Hubby1:37 PM

    And God says, "Well done my good and faithful servant."
    You are amazing and I am proud to call you my wife, friend and life partner. I am encouraged by you daily.

  2. beautiful life, beautiful testimony of faithfulness in these kid's lives! come visit me, a new Compassion Blogger at See you there!

  3. That's so exciting that you just became an advocate!! I did it about 6 months ago!! I really enjoyed your post...and the photos!!


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