Thursday, March 21, 2013

iTortillas! Part 2

The mum was very nervous.  Imagine a millionaire who lives in a mansion coming to your home to see how you live on a normal day... that is what we did to this family. 
This is their only cooking source so after she lit the fire, she let the comal heat.
We "helped" make the tortillas by rolling them into balls and then squishing them between our hands.  They small and thick tortillas; reminding me of unleavened bread.

We made mum so nervous she let the comal get too hot and we burned the first batch, adding to her nervousness, I'm sure.

They tasted good!  You can see how thick they are...

When we're watching something else, mum picks up the broom and sweeps the floor.  The fact that it was dirt made no difference.

I enjoyed this day.  It reinforces what I have been told - our sponsorship matters.  These are real children, real families and real differences in the lives of those we touch.
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Medali is 9 years old, from Peru. Please join me in praying for her a sponsor.


  1. What beautiful photos!!!!! I hope that Medali is sponsored soon...she's precious!! My parents sponsor a 12-year-old girl, Nelci, from Peru...and my husband and I correspond with her!!

  2. Love the story! It reminds me of my trip to El Salvador. The mom on our home visit made tortillas for a living and let us give it a go. Needless to say there was a good difference in quality between hers and the 'gringas'. I'll be praying for sweet little Medali to be sponsored soon!


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