Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Not a Backboard!

Not as disturbing as the "before" photos, though.  You are welcome. 
BOYS!  The "lid" of the toilet is not a backboard.  I know you are shocked.  It's not intended to be a game or goal to shoot your pee on the lid and score points if it shoots through the toilet seat' my toilet seat.  Shocker, I know. 

Also, even when you remember to put the seat up, my seat, the game does not change in that you try to shoot your pee through the lid hole and hope it bounces back into the toilet bowl.  You do not "get points" for this sport.  In fact, you lose points.  You lose big time. 

The main problem here, boys, is that the pee does not make into the toilet bowl.  Far from it.  The splatter effect hits its mark on the wall, counter's side, floor, and all over the back of the toilet. 
Mommy does not like this.  She does not like this at all. 
You see, sons, this is mommy's bathroom.  Mommy's.  MINE! and well, frankly, I am tired of cleaning up after your pee in my bathroom. 
When mommy has to get out the "big guns" in order to clean up after you, it is bad.  Bad for you, that is.  You know you're in trouble when I have to call in pumice stone and a toothbrush. 
Speaking of, do you recognize the toothbrush?  I wouldn't use it if I were you. 
I wouldn't use the toilet as a basketball hoop, either, though. 

In the future, use wisdom and stay out of mommy's bathroom.


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