Thursday, September 04, 2014

Time to Clean House

"Clean house" can mean different things to different people. 

If you asked my Mom what it means to clean house, she would probably reply, "dust, vacuum, sweep, mop, clean the bathrooms, wash the windows...". You get the idea.

As a person in recovery and you might get a totally different answer!  You might hear:
  • It's step 4
  • It's steps 4-10
  • It means "keeping your side of the street clean." (Which would launch into what that means. ha!)
For me, the two are connected now.  The more cluttered my home is, the more cluttered my thoughts are.  When my house is clean, I feel better, I think better, I act nicer.

Why, then, don't I keep my house clean?  Sadly, I don't have an answer for you.  The Holy Spirit is nudging me to simplify the physical side of my life, though.  I need to be obedient in this.  

I can tell you this, I am ready for my DH to back the dump trailer up to the front door and haul out everything I throw at him.  That would be a good first step at cleaning house. 

I can also say, I am grateful for:
1) Tools I learned in AA for dealing with real life.  "Trust God, Clean house, Help others."
2) A beautiful home.
3) Having a dump trailer at my disposal.... pun intended!

Now, finding time to do this is another issue. 

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