Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Quaker Girl's Journey to Lent Continues ~ 2015

Two years ago, I shared the beginning of my journey to Lent.  Since that first Lent post, I have documented my own personal journey and that of my family as we figure out what the Lenten season means for us as children of God, Disciples of Christ, and Quakers.

Last year we read the entire New Testament during Lent and while it was hard to get all the readings in, we did it and all of us remember that experience as meaningful.

We have discussed as a family what we are feeling led to do this year and it was interesting to hear all three children (17, 10, and 7) state that they felt like they wanted to add to their lives this year and focus on others versus self sacrifice.

The idea of having an "acts of kindness" jar with 40 "random" acts of kindness (#RAK) was mentioned and all three felt like this was something we should do as a family.  Thankfully, for me, there are sites that have all sorts of ideas and I will just print them off and put them in a pretty jar I have.  I will try and post our #RAK here, too, so you can join us if you want!  

We are also going to read the Bible together as a family, again.  The boys want to read the entire New Testament again, but there is a challenge we could join that is reading through the four Gospels that I would like to do.  We will talk again and decide tonight.  

I am going to sacrifice sleep and join the #IfPray703 challenge:
IF — IF… IF you are truly serious about coming back to God, clean house. Get rid of the foreign gods… and ground yourselves firmly in God, worship Him and Him alone, and He’ll save you from… oppression.” 1 Samuel 7:3MSG
As Lent begins next week, this tsunami movement of prayer that’s begun around the world at 7:03 every day, #IFPray703.  

My alarm is set, beginning tomorrow, Feb. 18th:

 Yes, I will likely do this from my bed, but that is okay.  I'm totally fine with that.

More to follow, as we decide what we are actually going to read this year.  It will either be the four Gospels or the whole New Testament.


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