Sunday, February 14, 2016

With this ring...

When I married my hubby, we had rings as the visual affirmation of the commitment we made to each other.  I have been thinking a lot about rings.  My hubby selected an absolutely stunning set for me to wear as a reminder to all of HIS commitment to me.   I selected a simple sturdy gold band to remind him of my commitment.  See, the ring I wear is not my wedding ring - it's HIS.  And the ring he wears is not his, it's MINE.

The set he got me was taking a beating from me hitting it against things all the time.  The prongs had been repaired several times and I was worried I would lose a diamond.  I talked about wanting a simple silver band to wear every day but really needed it to be my husband's desire to get me a new ring - an anniversary band, for example, as his reminder to me.  When I went to Ecuador, he told me if I found one to buy it for him.  So, I did in 2013.  It was not expensive but it was silver and pretty.

Even though he told me to buy it, for a year I felt like it wasn't the right ring.  He must have felt similar because he found the perfect band and gave it to me last Christmas (2014) and I love it.  

When I look at the ring on my finger, I am not reminded of my commitment to him but his to me.  It reminds me of his vow to love and cherish me.  To stay here for better AND worse; in sickness AND health until we die.  The "and" between those extremes is not an "or."  So, when times get hard, I am reminded just by looking at the ring he put on my finger that he will stay by side no matter what.

We watched "Fireproof" the other night.  They said, "It's not if the fire comes; it's when."  To fireproof a marriage takes work and I am so grateful that the man I married is a hard worker.  Today, on Valentine's Day, I cannot adequately describe the love I have for this man; nor the love has for me.  It's not a feeling - it's a decision.

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