Friday, May 19, 2006


Raising teenagers is not easy. Why did I think it might be?!?! I love my children - all five of them. But they are all challenging in their own ways at all these different ages.

Take Troy for example. 16 years old next week and wanting nothing to do with his folks. Did I go through this? I sure don't remember wanting to stay home rather than go on vacation and seeing extended family... Needless to say, emotions flow and tempers flare so quickly anymore in conversations/arguments. Please keep us in your prayers as we deal with the daily trials and triumphs of raising a teen boy. I have to remember it's not me personally - nor does it have anything to do with being his step-mom. He hardly ever wants to go to his mother's anymore... I know he loves me - he's just growing up and venturing farther from the nest. It's just hard when he's a jerk about it and disrespectful to us.

Then there's Melynda. Remember the sweet little 7 year old? Replace that image with a pre-teen, forgetful, talks-alot, knows-it-all eighteen year old!!! Seriously, where has time gone and what one earth has happened to my daughter? Yes, she's still a delight she's just growing up way too fast.

Little Taylor is still that. She's a cutie and we love all the time we get to spend with her. She adjust well to being bounced back and forth between her two homes. Pray that she makes wise choices in the things she has a say in.

Antonio is two in every sense of the word and what that implies. "No" is a new favorite word but he also loves to pray and snuggle so we're balancing out on the fits and loves.

Reggie - our newly claimed 16 year old son is a blessing to our family. While it has been said that he is blessed to have us in his life, we are blessed as well. He keeps things real and is a hard worker - no complaints in doing the work, either. He LOVES Paco and the two have become good buddies. He's a huge help to me with the other kids, the house and yard work. Continue to pray for him and his family as they work through things.

I am honored to be mom to these children. I have to rely on God more and more each day for strength in dealing with issues and concerns that arise. How blessed I am to be home full-time to care for these darlings. So much would be sacrificed if I was working outside the home. As one of the trustees where I used to work told me, "Your worst day at home will be better than your best day at work." How true this statement has been for me. I think of it on the "bad days" and more so on the "good days."

My cup over flows with gratitude today even as my heart aches with the pains that come with raising children.

May God continue to Bless You!

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  1. It must be so hard to not only raise your own son, but raise children that you are trying to raise as close to your own as possible. Even though they don't say so to you sometimes, you can see the respect and love they have for you in the simple fact that they dislike seeing their real mother - that speaks a thousand words about you.

    When we signed up for having children, no one promised us that it would be all sweetness and light 24/7. How we handle the rough spots will reflect in how our children grow. You handle those rough spots so well, your son bought another one home to you.

    Be proud every day with your successes - those teenage moods ebb and flow constantly until they learn who they are and where they want to go. I will pray you always have the patience to keep them on the right path.


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