Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Scary Monday

Well, what started off as a normal crazy Monday became even more so when I got a call from Roy... let me back up a bit.

Thursday - Roy didn't feel well. Thinking he got too much sun. Friday - Still not feeling well. Stayed home from work, read, rested and napped in his chair (very unusual for him) all day. Sat - No complaints from him. Sunday - He grabbed his chest once and said, "It just hurts so bad!" Huh?!?! Monday - Still lots of pressure in his chest. He is terribly uncomfortable so I tell him to call the doc.

He left a message and FOUR hours later he gets this message, "We send all patients with chest pain (of any kind) strait to the ER since they can monitor you there, perform tests, etc. I'm assuming you're already there since you didn't answer your phone. If you're not there, go there immediatley." Okay, then!

He calls me and I agree he should go. So it's now 3:00 and he heads to Meridian's ER from Boise and I head there from Caldwell.

After many tests (EKG, chest x-rays and blood work) the doctor tells him he's free to go home! There is nothing "wrong" with his heart or lungs. YEAH!

What is it, you might be wondering?!?! Either stress or something viral. More likely, stress.

So, that was our fun afternoon and kick-off to our already busy week.

He's still in a little pain but at 800 mg 3x/day for 3-5/days he should be better in no time. Off to work this morning so we're just going to keep praying for him and his stress levels.

Poor guy - we got to find some stress outlets for both of us!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about such a scare! I am glad Roy is okay...and I hope you can find something to displace the stress he is feeling right now.

    I will keep him, and you, in my prayers. Keep us updated as to how he is feeling. Many hugs...

  2. I'm glad Roy is okay...how scary.


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