Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Could This Be It?


All along we've wanted to find some dirt and build our own home... then along came the other property and we thought maybe something else was in store for us.

Well, we have found dirt! It meets all of our criteria for land:
~ Close to major highways for Roy's work
~ Close to a Friends Church
~ In the area of our families
~ Adequate school district
~ Large enough parcel to build home, shop and more!
~ Room for kids to run and play
~ Don't have to build immediately
~ We can be the builders (saves bucho bucks!!)
~ In our price range

So, we have contacted our realtor and asked her to see what's next!! It's in Homedale and 12 miles from my parents' home but easy driving. Near the Snake River and gorgeous sunsets over the Owyhee Mountain Range. We can see Homedale Friends Church from the parcel. While the acreage is long and narrow, we think we can work it out just fine - all 2.5-3 acres!

So, please continue to pray for us as we need to get something done sooner rather than later. Prices continue to climb and waiting another year will NOT help us "get a better deal."

This is the view looking north east from the land. Hwy 95 runs to the north (left) of the picture. The tiny stretch of road you see at the bottom is the little Lane the land is off of. It runs east to west. The land is to the right and behind the picture. Hope that makes sense.

Close to town - close to highways to get to Caldwell. We like it the best of all we have seen (many).

We shall see!

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  1. Very exciting news, Joy! I hope your realtor can give you some good news soon!


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