Monday, June 05, 2006

Summer is Here!

Today is the first day of summer for us! Spanish Camp began today for my girls (Mel & Taylor and nieces Shyanne and Gin-Gin). They all had a wonderful time with the exception of Paco. He did not like that the girls stayed at "class" and he had to go back home with me. Poor baby!

We're doing well - kids are napping, boys at football and I'm the computer! Paco's 2nd birthday party went off without a hitch. Missed a few close friends and family who couldn't make it but a good time was had by all.

I've update the website with birthday party pictures. Enjoy looking at all of them. Paco loves his new wagon from Granda and Nana. He got a basketball hoop from bubba & Reggie and thinks that's pretty cool. And from Dad & Mom, he got a Tonka truck, hard hat and shovel. Received lots of books and a few darling outfits! Darling for a boy, I mean.

Busy week but I have every intention of making this a summer my girls won't ever forget. That's my goal and I will do everything I can to make it come to light. So, if you don't see me on-line as much, that's why! Raising kids and making memories!


  1. Love the pic! Chris has the same dumptruck in the background - we give him a ride in it, and he loves it! Gotta get a pic of that one for you...

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