Saturday, June 03, 2006

My Baby is Two!

Two years ago today, 12:31 a.m. to be exact, we got to meet our little man for the first time face -to-face! I can't believe he is 2 today. Doesn't it seem like yesterday that he was this tiny (okay, he's never been tiny) little babe in arms?!

Here is Paco at breakfast this morning - Mr. V's. He ate everything on his plate!!! Also, sat in a booster seat like a big boy. Isn't just an adorable picture, hands all folded to pray.

I am happy he is two, considering the alternative to not growing older.

Today, Paco gets to go to work with Daddy in the "big truck" so Mommy can get some rapid cleaning and cake baking done! I think they are both excited and Paco loves going with his Daddy. He gets to sit up front (the only seat) when he goes with Daddy...

What a road it has been. Thankfully, it is a journey and we can take and make as many detours as we either want or need to. I have kept a jounal that I am writng to Paco and it's neat to go back and read what I have said.

I have a ton to do for his party tomorrow and there will be pictures from that but in the meantime, I love my son and celebrate his life today and everyday!


  1. Roy Lujan7:20 AM

    What a great job you have done with your blog. I love being able to read your thoughts and to share this beautiful life we have with you. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! Roy

  2. Wow! Look how grown up Paco looks! And, too cute with Daddy in the truck! I am amazed how well Paco does with praying - Chris will only sit half the time in church for us...

    Must second your husband's comments on your blog... Your life now is so different than it was 5+ years ago, and it is always something to be very proud of. :)

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