Friday, July 28, 2006

Raising Kids - an Update

Update on my kids:

Troy & Reggie are working hard roofing. They have long days and then come home in time to leave again to lift weights for football. Good thing is they are so tired they don't act up much! They have just left for a backpacking trip to Loon Lake with their young men's bible study group. 9 teen boys, stinking in the woods.... have fun without me!! 4-5 mile hike each way carrying your own stuff - character building is what that's called! Love it!

Melynda is being a normal tween girl - complete with sighs, eye rolls and sass. I'm told this is a phase and am praying the people saying that are right! She's keeping busy cleaning, mowing and watering flowers. Thanks to her, I am able to post right now as she plays with Paco! Can't believe she'll be in 7th grade in a month from today!!!

Taylor Sky is recouping from her tonsilectomy. So far so good but we must keep on her to drink-drink-drink! She's been a trooper and we're so proud of her during this painful experience.

Antonio Don is really doing well potty training. Wed was our first 100% accident free day! Thu (yesterday) we only had one accident and that was our fault by being too busy to ask him if he needed to go. He's in the transition from our bed to his own bed. Wed was a good night but last night he reverted to coming in to us each 1 1/2 - 2 hrs to "Moma's Bed - No Paco's Bed!!!"

They're all growing up too fast and Troy will be off to college before we know it. Actually, Paco will be! Summer has flown by and school starts in a month. Football before that and all the crazy schedules that go with that.

Have one more photo shoot to get - the big boys - and hope to do that next week.

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