Monday, July 24, 2006

Taylor Sky

Taylor Sky Lujan

9 years old
Going to be a big 3rd Grader
Taylor's middle name SKY was choosen by her Daddy. He had a nanny-figure when he was young and she was an old Indian woman. She would rock him and sing songs to him in her native language. Her name was Sky and he named Taylor in honor of her. I really think that her middle name completes her and makes it a girls name to be proud of. Great job, Daddy!

Here's our little girl on July 14th, the day her cousin Erik got married to Mandy. We had a wonderful time at her photo shoot and as you can see from the photos, she had fun.

This one is her favorite and she picked out the background.
It's a fun, little girl shot and it turned out so cute.

Tay is growing so fast and loves school. She is having her tonsils taken out tomorrow so please remember her in prayer. We're hoping that after her surgery, she'll have an appetite and gain some much needed weight. She's just so thin that we worry about her. She's a gorgeous child and has a wonderful heart.

I actually see a lot of her Aunt Tina in her, her Daddy's sister. They have very similar facial features and both are petites. Very similar smiles, too.

Tay is a girly girl but mentioned she wanted to be a "tom-boy" like I was. I smiled and explained that those things just happen and it's not really what we set about to be. I told her it was just fine that she liked Barbies, make-up and dolls!! I do hope she finds a sport to play as she gets older to find something she can do for fitness AND fun!

Taylor, We l0ve you, darling!

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