Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Canyon County COSTCO!!!

Our brand new Costco!
My Dad and I braved the thought of crowds for the grand opening at 8 a.m. this morning only to find that we got there a little early and they let us in to get started! There weren't too many people there and they had TONS of free samples and foods to taste.
It is very similar to the Boise store, minus the plant nursery section. Wonderful new warehouse and shiny new shopping carts that we were the first to use - weird to think of that, I guess.
We even have the gas station and I topped off the tank at $2.88/gallon; which is a good deal for our area.
We were in and out of the store in an hour and back home by 9:30. I'm so excited that they are open and I'll be able to go shopping more with my Mom and hubby since it's not a planned day trip to Boise.
Next up - our very own Target!!! I can see girl-dates with my friend Heather in our future since she loves Target! WHOO HOO!

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