Monday, September 11, 2006

Canning Time!

Basil Jelly
I've been wanting to can my salsa but know that will be an all day affair with the hot bath, etc. So, when Roy said he could take Paco to work with him today, I jumped at the chance to can my infamous basil jelly! It is SO easy. The most expensive part is the liquid pectin it calls for but in comparison to store bought - well, there is none!
I got 19 half-pint jars out of 2 1/2 batches of jelly. I used the church kitchen because there was more room there and I had two stoves to make short work of what can be a long process!
After I was done canning and cleaning up the sticky mess that comes with canning jelly, I made two batches of pesto to freeze! There is still plenty of basil in my garden but I am about done with it. I may make more pesto to use fresh while I can and will dry some for cooking this winter.
I must make my salsa this week or risk loosing some of my precious Roma's. We shall see if I can talk Daddy into another "Take Paco to work day."
Until next time - ta ta!

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  1. This looks so interesting - do you have a recipe to share?


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