Friday, September 01, 2006

How Did I Do it Before?

I've been thinking of how busy I am with all the activities the kids are in and our life now and was wondering how I did it before when I was working full-time at the college. Well, it's come to be very simple - I didn't do it all before!!!

My older kids suffered the most. I came home exhausted having to face dinner and life at home and it was hard! I wasn't able to make their games, pick them up from practices, be here when they got home from school, help with homework... the list goes on and on.

Today, I am "usually" prepared for dinner time, happy to see them after school/practices, ready to hear about their days and share my day with them as well! I make their games, am able to pick them up when needed, I am here; which speaks volumes for life after school and kids getting into trouble.

I love my life today. I love being home. I love being able to spend time with Antonio all day and am ready for the breaks when he goes with Daddy or Granda. I love that I am available to help people in the church when they need something during the day, that I can cook and bake during normal hours and not at 10:00 at night when I should be in bed! I love taking naps with Paco. Take right now for an example, Paco just ran up to me and asked for a kiss and a hug so he could go to "work" in the other room. I would have missed that if I wasn't here!!!! Somethings, money just can't buy and my happiness is one of those things.

Don't get me wrong - there are days I watch my husband drive away and think, "Trade ya, today, honey!!!" I miss live adult interaction but have found great friends online. I miss the social part of the college but I make up for it by being a CHS booster and involved in our church!

Some people balance work and life really well. I didn't. I don't. I'm a Mom and Wife and that is as God intended me to be. I'm blessed to have a husband who believes that, too. He has made it his priority to keep me home and he works long hard hours to make it possible. Thanks, honey. I have a great family and support system and that helps me everyday!

So, on this Friday, I am thankful for being able to stay home. It's a different sort of calling but one I feel called to do. "To God Be the Glory!"

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