Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ice Skating in the Heat

Roy and I took Troy, Melynda and Paco to Ice World in Boise yesterday. We had SO much fun! We never have the kids on Saturday as they are either at their birth mother's or have other plans so we tried to think of something we had never done and do it!
I had won a family pass to Ice World in June on KTSY's Family Name Game and we had til the middle of Sept to use the pass.... answer given! We'll go ice skating! They were a little perplexed as to why they had to wear jeans, take sweatshirts and gloves to Boise but they didn't figure it out til we actually told them what we were going to do.
We did some shopping at the Outlet Mall, getting Paco some much needed size 4 clothes for fall. While he is "in" size 3, they fit perfectly and I want them to last a few months if possible so we went up a size! He got a pair of hunting boots (sz 9), a hunting vest, football sweatshirt, jeans and sweats so we're set for a little bit. We actually will need shirts soon but I'll try Ebay for those. I can't believe how big he is!!!
Back to ice skating... it was fun. 30 mins was really long enough with a 2 year old who spent most of his time clinging to Daddy and Bubba or else was in this position:

We had a great day and ended it with dinner at Olive Garden and their never ending pasta bowls for $7.95, including salad and breadsticks. We picked up Reggie and Taylor for this part and Reggie "won" by eating the most bowls of pasta (4), Roy a close 2nd with 3 bowls and Troy was "weak sauce" with only 2 bowls. Melynda and I couldn't even finish our first bowl but the food was delish, service outstanding by a current ACI student and the company was delightful.

We all slept well and were ready for bed.

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