Monday, October 23, 2006

We're Back!

What a grand and glorious time we had deer hunting! Antonio was SO good and walked his little legs off. Here he is with his Granda on the 4-wheeler. He is so cute with all his camo on and blaze orange safety vest.

Melynda did exceptionally well! She never once complained of being tired or cold; which I'm sure she was at some point and time of the hunt.

We got two deer and came home with one as I relinquished mine to Fish & Game and it went to a man in Featherville who needed much more than we.

Melynda got three opportunities to get her doe but the "Buck Fever" hit and she missed hers but did great and was a trooper the whole time.

We're home now and have tons of work to catch up on today with laundry (Phewwy!), company stuff and two funeral escorts.

I'd best get to work 'cause if my Dad knew that he took Paco so I could get some work done and I was posting here...well, let's just say I'd better get to work!

I came across this card I got a long time ago and it just really spoke to me today:

Holy moments come to us daily if we will ask for eyes to see.
It may be the sun streaming through the window as you fold laundry.
Or maybe it's lifting your friends to God while you vacuum.
We can't always withdraw to quiet hillsides to pray,
but Christ will meet us in the quiet places of our hearts.
-Sheila Walsh

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  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Glad you had a good time! Paco looks so cute!!!

    Thanks for the quote... Those moments are what seem to dominate my time now: The butterflies that accompany me on my walks over lunch, the beautiful skylines you notice out of the blue because they are so striking, the sunlight dancing on the floor where Chris is playing. It is nice to see someone feels the same way about those moments as I do now.


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