Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Hunting We Will Go....!

Tomorrow we leave for our 4 day hunting trip. The big boys must stay home for school, football and PSAT obligations. Dad, Roy, Mel, Paco and I will leave as soon as we tomorrow after Mel's basketball practice.

We have 3 doe tags - Dad, Mel and I. It is Mel's first year actually hunting, though she has been for learning experiences in years prior. We're all excited to get out of town and into the mountains for a few days.

The weather has cooled down a lot so it should be interesting to see if we stay warm enough. If not, keep walking, right?!

Paco is going to stay with his Granddad and talks of hunting all day long. It is the first year he has gone out hunting with us and not stayed with his Nana during the day.

So, please pray for safety and success as the meat is a much needed staple for our big (and growing) family.

As for me, I have good days and bad days. Excited moments and terrified ones. Thanks for remembering me.

Until I return with photos and updates -
No Lo pierdas de vista! (Don't loose sight of Him!)

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