Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Welcome to my home, Norge! 

Norge, our 1960 WORKING refrigerator was welcomed to my home today after many years of living with my brother. 

Norge's life began in 1960 when my parents lived in College Town, Colorado.  They were poor as church mice and my Grandma sent them $100 to purchase Norge.  He's been a good friend.

He lived for many years with his original owners, my parents, until 1994 when he went to live with my brother. 

Norge has been faithful, keeping our drinks cold and extra food as he sits safe in the garage (after he was replaced by a larger model as the main fridge).   I prayed as they moved Norge that he would survive and turn on when plugged back in.  He did!   
Norge has door shelves and a veggie drawer, one metal shelf and and a freezer.  He is in pristine condition.

Norge, I am so glad to have you join our home.  As my parents and brother before me, I will love and care for you.  I hope you live for a long time in my pantry.

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