Friday, December 01, 2006

25 Weeks Already

Boy, time is just flying here! I had a doctor's appointment and everything seems to be going great! Blood Pressure is fantastic, no infections or sickness, weight gain on track, baby's heart beat is --- beating! 153 beats this morning. Lots of movement from the boy and measuring right on track!

We had our first "big" snow last night. Big meaning it stuck to the ground and was pretty and made a slick mess of the roads and made traffic horrendous but alas, such is life! It's been pretty cold here and is expected to continue to be very chilly. By chilly, that is hovering in the 20 degrees here. Brrr!

Christmas prep is underway! YEAH!! I've been baking and cleaning for Christmas and am excited to have my parent's 36th Open House on Sunday. Love the people and company and yes, the food.

Troy's basketball season is underway with one win under their belts and a game tonight and tomorrow night. Melynda's season ends Monday so not too much overlay, thank goodness.

Went to a fun Pampered Chef party last night and was able to get the lifetime guarantee roaster for the hostess price! WHOO HOO! That's about all I could get as we're trying so hard to save for the down payment. More on that on Monday!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Anonymous10:14 AM

    I am sorry I haven't had time to catch up with everyone... Sounds like all is going well on your end - I am so happy for you!


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