Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My Bikers

Antonio LOVES LOVES LOVES his Granddad. His new love is riding the motorcycle with Granddad. Now that he has his very own "real" helmet, he can actually go on real rides with him! This was taken yesterday when they showed up at my house to have me take a picture of them with their matching biker green coats and notice Paco's badge (from Granddad's funeral escort rides). Paco enjoys riding in front so he can "help Granddad drive." Also, they tried him riding in back but he said the wind was cold and "I can't breathe." so they moved him back up front. The wind was taking his breath away, I guess. ??? I also think Paco likes being able to change the music stations and can see better. Granddad said he could drive as fast as he wanted and Little Man loved it!!! (Does a mother want to hear this???) If I didn't love riding myself, I might be nervous but having started as early as this, I can't say anything now.
I overheard my Dad telling a friend who was down that grandkids give new meaning to life and make living worthwhile. Thanks, Dad. How blessed my children are to have you in their lives.

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  1. Love the pics! You are braver than I am - I would never allow Chris on a motorcycle!


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