Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Call Me Sky"

I'd like to introduce to my nearly 10 year old daughter, Sky "insert last name here."

Summer is over for me. Sky went to 4th grade this morning, will ride the bus home to mother's and her time of living with us is over til next year. Sure, we'll see her one night a week and every weekend but man alive, it won't be the same without her here everyday! :(
Here she is this morning, backpack on and ready for school:

She has decided to go by her middle name "from now on" and would appreciate us all calling her Sky. So, there you have it. This is actually the name her Daddy gave her so I think he's liking the bond that they have through this process. In fact, many of Roy's family have always called her Sky so it won't be hard for them! When we went to meet the teacher yesterday, she informed her mother that she was going to go by Sky and told her teacher as well. I marked all her supplies this way and joked with her that I hoped she knew her new initials now!!

Sky's at a crossroad as well as the older kids...she really wanted to live with us and her mother said no and we aren't willing to sacrifice the relationship we have right now so that's where it for now. I know in time, Sky will end up living with us and we feel time is on our side.

So, tomorrow is back to school for Troy, Reggie & Melynda. I'm sure I'll have a post on them, too, as this big house that has been so busy this summer is 4 people less and it will just be the little boys and me.

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  1. Jenn T6:47 AM

    Joy, big hugs, that myst be so hard to watch Sky leave for the school year. :(

    I can't seem to find our group's address! :(


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