Friday, August 03, 2007


Why do I love cookbooks? They are SO expensive and honestly, I may never use a recipe out of them but I can't resist!!! Don't get me wrong, I do use them and I think I've used each of them at least once.... I have this thing about recipes - they are meant to be altered or are suggestions. I have found out the hard way that some things, like cakes, are meant to be followed, exactly.

Back to cookbooks, I LOVE them! I have some recent favorites:

Spin on Salads doesn't only have salad recipes but dressings, too! And lots of tips on making salads hearty enough for a meal; which I'll about with temps in the high 90's and 100's!!! Even the kids will go for a great salad when it's hot.

With tips on how to make salad last longer in the fridge to making your vinaigrettes work, I love this one!

Main Dishes is another new fave. With recipes ready in 30 minutes or less, potluck options and special occasions, what's not to like? Add in options for meatless meals or easy double recipes it works for me! I love that it reminds me to cook ahead for recipes which helps me with my weekly menu planning and anytime I can "cook once and eat twice" is a hit in my book! I also love neat names like "Farmstand Frittata." Frittata sounds so with it when I tell the kids what we're having for supper. Ha! Unfortunatley, this cookbook is being discontinued and is only available this month (August). I'm sure there will be something neat to come next but I'm so glad I got this one while I could! If you want it, let me know and I'll try and "hook you up!"
I have other books I turn to for inspiration but since the move I have not unpacked the two boxes of cookbooks I love and so it's been my Pampered Chef cookbooks and the internet; which I love. Mostly, I love taking several recipes and then making my own creation. It's the only creative outlet I have, now that I think of it! Interesting discovery I just made.
Well, I best get cookin'! I have a Home Interior party tomorrow and a house blessing on Sunday so I have some neat little desserts to make!


  1. I do love the Pampered Chef cook books.

  2. I also have a cookbook addiction, as well as a ripping recipes out of magazines, and printing recipes off the internet addiction. Steve thinks I am nuts!


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