Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A Day from the Bad Place

Stressful day. Very stressful.

Bad escort run - stressful.

Rushed picture setting - stressful.

Dad had eye surgery - stressful.

Baby loosing weight/not gaining. VERY stressful.

Mother-in-Law and Grandma in bad car wreck - very stressful.

Grandma's pending surgery tomorrow on leg - stressful.

Dealing with daughter being afraid - very stressful.

Life today - stressful.

Tomorrow is a new day - thank the Good Lord above. I hope to have something positive to post tomorrow. The positives from today??

Dad had a great surgery!!
Mother-in-Law fine.
Grandma will be fine.
Daughter now has a cell phone for emergency use.
Supportive husband and a family who loves me.

This is still a better day than my best ones at work.

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