Saturday, November 24, 2007

Guitar Hero

We have a borrowed Guitar Hero II game and have made it a family affair. Tonight we are having a tournament to see who's best. There are about 12-14 people downstairs right now playing.

In fact, we like it so much, we decided to get Guitar Hero III and two wireless guitars for our family Christmas gift!!! So, we voted to take $20 off the kids' money and put it toward the set. That is now a total of $40 off their amount since we take $20 off for Operation Christmas Child (previous post). Woot!!! We can get the whole package for about $100.

So, I was hoping to get a post with some neat pix in it but that may not happen til tomorrow. There are several of they boys' friends over and we're having a blast.

Back to the party...

Roy and Ruy battle for the win. Roy won by a fraction!

I only thought we wouldn't have the air guitar anymore - guess that's only true if Roy is actually the one holding the guitar. Otherwise, he does this the whole time.

Melynda and Shyanne duke it out - as you can see from the facial expressions,
they aren't doing so hot....

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  1. Love this post, Joy! I've heard about Guitar Hero but never have seen it in action...looks like fun!


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