Monday, November 19, 2007

Poor Baby Boy

The test is over and we're waiting for results. Here's how the test works:
1) They hook up electricuting nodes to his legs (one leg at a time) and send little shocks to a gland that makes him sweat. 5 minutes.
2) They take that off, put gauze, tape, plastic wrap (generic grocery variety), more tape and then the blue stuff that makes it all tight and stuck.
3) Repeat to other leg. If the first one went well, this one didn't. He cried and cried and I finally nursed him in a very weird position. The lab dude was grateful as a kicking screaming baby did NOT make his job easy.
4) Wait in the lobby for 30 min
5) Go back to the room and lab dude took gauze and put it in sterile container... one per leg.
6) DONE!
7) Lab Dude will test the gauze for chloride.
8) Doc office lets us know the results. Today. So I'm waiting.
While I wait, here's a pathetic picture of Javi crying in the lobby of St. Luke's. Is he hurt??? No, he's mad I set him down to take a picture. He got over it as soon as I picked him up.

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  1. Oh, that poor baby!! Hoping the test results are fine.

    Don't worry about the crying pic...the pic of Javi is what Chris looks like every time we go to the pediatrician...


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