Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Slow Down

How does one "slow down?" Is it true I have become addicted to a fast-paced life and just can't get off the train? We have something every bloomin' day this week! And, I have doctor's orders to "slow down" and take care of Javi. Sigh.

What do I give up?
*Paco's last week of swim lesson til January?
* Melynda's basketball games?
* Senior Boys Football Banquet?
* Church Dinner?
* Women's Group tonight?
* Hubby's birthday?

As you can see, I am between a rock & hard place. So, I go and go and go to 6 kids' activities and do the best I can.

I did say no to:
* a play Sunday night
* one of Melynda's game in south Nampa
* a late night movie

And YES to:
* a nap everyday
* sleeping in as late as possible, even if that means Paco is watching cartoons in bed with me...
* internet time. :)

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  1. Good luck giving up some things...and adding good things in!


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