Friday, November 16, 2007


Why am I excited today is Friday? 'Cause I pumped enough milk for Roy & I to go see "American Gangster" tonight at Edwards!!! It's part of his birthday present.

After a good night's sleep I feel great and know I will feel even better after I get a shower!!!

I have "the best" barbecue chicken recipe. I buy thighs and legs at Costco (about $13 total of meat) and make my sauce from scratch. I have several variations to it but we seem to prefer the Mexican variation, imagine that. ;)

Anyway, I made it for the banquet last night, none of us got near enough of it so I'm making it again this weekend! Yummy!!! It's messy and the meat just falls off the bone baking it in my stoneware.

Speaking of stoneware - or any Pampered Chef products... we're doing a fundraiser for Caldwell Soroptimist. If there is anything you want for Christmas presents or for yourself, PLEASE call or e-mail me!!! They get 15% of our sales so it's an amazing fundraiser. Let me know if you have any fundraising needs, I can help you out, too!!!

Okay, off to that shower before Javier wakes.

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