Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Tradition - Javanese

Javanese. What our family does with left over Christmas turkey (okay, we SAVE turkey just for this occasion) on New Years Dy. A very odd meal that is so very yummy. Here's how it works.

On a counter you set up the following ingredients in this exact order. When you are done, the combo is to die for - and you're left very full and satisfied.

Chinese Noodles
Meat (turkey or chicken)
chopped celery
diced green onions
crushed pineapple
chopped/diced pears
shredded cheese
gravy (again)
shredded coconut
chopped peanuts and/or sliced almonds

This is a wonderful big group meal and you can have people bring different items to save you from the prep work. Even our kids love it and everyone who tries it for the first time thinks it's very odd but like it when they actually try it!

We had this for supper today at my parents home and it was wonderful; as always. I wanted a picture to show how marvelous the set up is but our stomachs were louder than my memory. Sorry.

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  1. YIKES! I'll have to take your word for it on this one!


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