Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 18

We had a most delightful dinner last night. My parents came over, along with my nephew Brady. So, there were 10 of us around our kitchen table - more cozy that way, right?

I made mole de pollo (Chicken Mole) with my mother-in-law's mexican rice and refried beans and then mandatory flour tortillas for this dish. Much to Paco's delight since tortillas de hareina are his favorite over maiz. (he likes flour tortillas more than corn tortillas.)

I cooked the chicken first my Pampered Chef way in the microwave while I got the mole perfect and the rice was cooking. Then I started cooking the tortillas on the comal, a flat round cast iron that sits directly on the burner and cooks tortillas. We have two.

After the chicken was done, Roy got it off the bone for me and put it on the pot with the mole cooking. We simmered that while the rice was finishing and I finished cooking 30 tortillas.

It all turned out delicioso as Paco says delicious and I got rave reviews. My parents think we're still doing very well on The Island.

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