Thursday, March 13, 2008

Commenting and Blogs

Okay, some of you are new at blog life. So, here's a short lesson on how it works:

1) I create a post on my blog. You can read it and then at the bottom of the post you may click on the word comment. There you can either sign in, if you have an account OR you may post annonymous and just leave your name in the body of the comment. For an example, view the comments for My Baby's 1 post.

2) All of the green or different colored text words and probably links to another post of mine or another blog or website. PLEASE view them as your time allows. It will give you more depth to my blogging life.

3) Comment often - it's fun to see what others have to say!

4) On the side bar, you can access other sites that I like and have listed there. Have fun!

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