Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hot Burrito!

I made "breakfast" burritos for my boys to eat at their track meet. I ask DH, el mexicano, why they are called "breakfast burritos" if it's night time.



"Si, sausage. They are breakfast burritos no matter when you eat them."

Always? What if I just want a burrito with sausage? Do I have to call it a breakfast burrito?

"Mama mia! It's a breakfast burrito, already."

So, I needed to know how to keep 'em hot so they tasted good by 5:00 that night in a different city - well the only real city around but our county is getting better.

How do I keep 'em hot?

"Well, my love.... you wrap them in foil and lay them across the dash with your defrost on high and that, my dear, will keep the burritos hot all the way there."

ON MY DASH?!?!?! As in all six of 'em lined up?


This my friends, is what I did. All the way there. Thankfully, it was cold and the full blowin' heat wasn't too stiffling.

So, I send DH this picture. He immediatley calls me:

"What happened? Are you okay?"

What do you mean? Did you get the picture I sent?

"Si, that's why I'm calling! What happened to the van?"

What van?

"The van you took a picture of." (Frustration in his voice...)

Oh, that. Well, you see my dear, it was a picture of the burritos. I did just as you told me!

"Wull, yeaaahh, so they stay hot."
So, I was thinking the whole way there, why Pampered Chef doesn't have something to keep to-go food hot during transport, when it hit me. They do. And I own it.

But then, I wouldn't have this to share with you and that my friend, would be a shame.

UPDATED: DH is Darlin' Hubby when he's a good boy and Doofus Hubby when not. I try not to say Dumb Hubby but I probably think it sometimes. Sorry dear, just being honest. :(

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