Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Meal Time

We had company over for supper on Saturday night and I've been wanting to try out this new lasagna recipe I found over at The Pioneer Woman's site. I made The Best Lasagna! It was delicious and not the hard, time consuming meal I remember my mom complain about. Also, I've always thought of it as an expensive meal to prepare and was happy to find a recipe that fit our budget!

Let me know if you try it! I made it in my Pampered Chef rectangular baker and it stayed hot the entire time - well, til it was finished off completley!!!

That and my chocolate sheet cake is getting asked for more and more often!!! It truly melts in your mouth. For those of you who really know me, I don't add the nuts. And it's still the best ever. Really. Just ask anyone around me. They LOVE it! Poor Paco was begging for it last week. I caved and made it Sunday morning before church. It was perfect. He was happy. He wanted it for breakfast. That's when you know it's good - when a 3 year old wants it for the meal and not dessert.


  1. Hi Joy,
    I've made Pioneer Woman's lasagne twice now, and love it! I cut the salt way back though, and I use Jimmy Dean's light sausage. Delish. I cannot wait to try that sheet cake recipe!

  2. I must say, that if it was approriate for a grown man to cry about sheet cake i would have been right there with Little Man hollerin' for the breakfast of champions.
    The Hubby


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